Public urged to claim energy bills vouchers before June deadline

The government is urging UK energy customers with a prepayment meter (PPM) to redeem any unclaimed Energy Bill Support Scheme vouchers before they expire at the end of June. 

Claim Your Energy Voucher day takes place on May 31, and marks one month until unredeemed vouchers are due to expire. 

The government provided households across the country with £400 of energy bills support from October 2022 until March 2023 through the Energy Bills Support Scheme. For traditional prepayment meter customers, this support came in the form of vouchers delivered monthly by text, email or post.

Previous data revealed that in some areas of the country more than 1 in 20 payments were not delivered or claimed during the scheme. 

The latest government data shows that energy firms still owe £130m to households through unredeemed PPM vouchers. 

A spokesperson for the End Fuel Poverty Coalition commented: 

“We’ve been calling on the government for some time to rectify this situation and ensure that every household receives the support that they are owed. 

“We are delighted that they are listening, and we urge every PPM customer to double-check that they received and redeemed their full £400 in vouchers during the scheme.” 

The Government advises that if customers have their vouchers already, they must take their ID and vouchers to a Post Office or Paypoint to redeem them before June 30.

​​Those on a traditional prepayment meters who have not received the vouchers, or are unsure of how to redeem them, or need a voucher to be reissued, should contact their energy supplier.

Households using prepayment meters who use alternative fuels such as LPG, heating oil or biomass as the main way they heat their homes also have until June 30 to use their vouchers worth up to £200 in energy bills support.

Other households who are due support through an “alternative method” (such as those in park homes or on care home complexes) have also to apply for the scheme, with the Mirror revealing that just 13% of eligible households had applied.