Join the Coalition

Organisations passionate about ending fuel poverty can join the Coalition.

The Coalition meets regularly to discuss the fight against fuel poverty, share knowledge, learn about best practice and plan campaigns.

Benefits of membership of the Coalition include sharing of information, best practice and policy updates on fuel poverty, co-ordinating action on areas of mutual interest, joint campaigns and assets for members to use.

We provide a pooled resource to enable MP engagement (including setting up meetings with members), media coverage and social media activity.

Recently we have met with the Energy Minister, engaged with MPs and candidates in the 2019 election, submitted evidence to the fuel poverty review, taken part in consultations and commented on the Budgets and Economic Statements as well as securing widespread media coverage.

To discuss membership, please email our co-ordinator Simon Francis on simon [dot] francis [at] campaigncollective [dot] org.

Annual subscription rates are based on an organisation’s ability to pay and start from as little as GBP250, but community groups and small charities are exempt from fees. Renewals take place every year. All membership fees contribute directly to the work of the Coalition and the more members we have, the more we can do.

Membership rates for 2021 are:

– Core Partners, GBP2,500

– Trade Unions* / Professional Bodies* / Social Enterprises*, GBP1,000

– Large charities** and smaller unions, professional bodies and social enterprises***, GBP500

– Medium** size charities / Public Sector, GBP250

– Small** charities, community groups and community businesses, Free.

Income bands

*Income over GBP1m per year

**Definition of charity size: Large = income of GBP1m+, Medium = income GBP500k-GBP1m. Small = income under GBP500k

*** income under GBP1m

Community businesses are defined as not for profit small organisations typically supported by organisations such as Power To Change. No organisation will be excluded due to their inability to pay.