Landlords required to improve energy efficiency of lowest performing homes

The Government has today announced new energy efficiency regulations under which landlords are required to spend up to £3,500 installing energy efficient measures into the lowest energy performance rated properties (F and G).

Jenny Holland, Chair of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, said: 

“Over 45% of households living in F-and G-rated privately rented homes are fuel poor. These are homes that are cold, draughty and damp. Today’s announcement – that landlords will have to spend up to £3,500 to improve them – is a step in the right direction, but a minor one.

“According to the Government’s own figures, a cost cap of £3,500 will mean that over two-thirds of these cold, unhealthy homes will fail to reach energy band E. We are very disappointed that the Government failed to heed our call for a £5,000 cost cap, which would have improved far more homes and given hard-pressed households much greater bill savings.