Government issues cease and desist order on pre-payment meters

The Government has finally responded to the long-running campaign to ban the forced transfer of homes onto pre-payment meters.

The weekend has seen further reports about the “murky” court process which leads to warrants being issued in a kangaroo court process. And in  media briefings on Sunday, the Secretary of State, Grant Shapps MP has set out steps to tackle the issue.

These include a call for suppliers to voluntarily end forced prepayment switching.

A spokesperson for the End Fuel Poverty Coalition commented:
The Government’s cease and desist order to energy firms is a welcome move, but falls short of the full ban on the forced transfer of homes onto pre-payment meters which we need to see to protect the most vulnerable.
We also need to ensure that this voluntary approach covers the millions of people on smart meters, who must never be switched onto pre-payment mode without their active, informed consent.
Recent revelations about the role of the courts have also been left unanswered.
We need a full investigation to get to the bottom of the scandal quickly and ensure that if mistakes have been made, that those responsible are held to account and those that suffered are compensated.
The full detail of the Government plan is yet to be confirmed with Sky News reporting the Government will meet with Ofgem, energy suppliers and an advice charity next week.
Image: Shutterstock