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The End Fuel Poverty Coalition manifesto launch
Hosted by Chris Williamson MP

We are delighted to invite you to attend the manifesto launch of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition. The manifesto will set out  the policy asks of the EFPC to ensure the end of cold homes in Britain today.


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The End Fuel Poverty Coalition is made up of poverty, environmental, health, trade union and consumer organisations.


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5 Pledges to end the misery of cold homes

We believe everybody in this country has the right to a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power. Action to end fuel poverty will not only improve people’s lives but also help tackle climate change. We call upon the Government and the political parties to commit to the following pledges to meet this goal:
  • 1. Carry out a national programme to improve the heating and insulation standards of the homes of low income households such that by 2030 they are at least the same standard as homes built today
  • 2. Commit to improve the homes of all low income households so that nobody has to live in a dangerously cold and unhealthy home by 2020.
  • 3. Require fuel companies to provide the Warm Home Discount to all low income consumers and vary the rate to reflect the difficulty of heating homes.
  • 4. Make sure all eligible households receive the benefits and tax credits to which they are entitled as part of a wider strategy to tackle poverty.
  • 5. Produce a multi term Fuel Poverty Strategy that sets targets for all relevant (and future) Government departments. The Strategy should also describe how tackling fuel poverty positively affects policies to improve social wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, improve housing affordability, tackle climate change and eliminate child poverty.